A Man’s Promise

Alweer bijna 6 jaar bestaat Gebedsbroeders en al die tijd zijn de posts geschreven door mannen. De belofte was om vandaag een blog te schrijven over dat ziekte niet van God afkomstig is, maar deze blog hebben jullie nog tegoed van mij. Vandaag wil ik een goddelijke bemoediging delen met jullie in de vorm van een video, speciaal voor de vrouwen onder ons. Speciaal voor jullie is deze blog bedoeld. Voor het gemak heb ik de Engelse ondertiteling in deze post erbij gezet. Maak het je gemakkelijk. Pak een warm dekentje, een kopje thee, en zorg dat je jezelf open stelt voor God.

Laat je vandaag goddelijk bemoedigen en aanmoedigen, vrouwen onder ons 🙂 

Groeten Rob

A Man’s Promise from Christopher Beaudoin on Vimeo.


For all the women of the world today, I'd like to share some words.
And so you know I'm not a fraud I'll say I promise of their worth.
I Promise.
We as males are honored to serve next to you.
You make us better men.
So now we make this vow anew, to bless you until the end.
Of this small poem yes but more than that.
For this time is small and my dream is fat.
My prayers that you'd take more from us.
That we'd be more than "sweet boys that didn't lust."
Wow. Big Deal. That is real but we want to help heal the hurts that you feel.
Which you have received from the men who were fleas and caused that disease.
The thought brings me to my knees.
God please!
Help us to be the release.
For you are worth so much more than the world offers
Or the sins of the fathers who have wounded their daughters
To make you think you must be hotter or fodder a spirit that forces you to believe
you are "not enough," "must be better," or "unworthy in our Father's eyes."
Well those are lies!
That he despises and so I won't hide the truth from you any longer.
So here goes, we're about to rid you of those past woes
So please listen to the words my Father chose to call you by.
You are beautiful.
And you know I'm not just talkin about the clothes you wear
or the style of your hair or the makeup you put on to cover that face so bare
but something so much more sincere.
You know, I could swear that you still fear the things you hear
from the men who are too scared to love and care for the
perfect and gorgeous woman that God has made you to appear.
You are beautiful.
Believe me, no believe God when I say this is the truest thing you will ever receive.
You are strong!
Man, I could sing that song all day long if it would right the wrongs
that society has shouted at the top of it's deceitful lungs.
You are strong.
Or do you think Mary was weak?
No, God chose that blessed virgin because she leaked the Holy Spirit
from the peak of her head all down to her feet.
That's what you should seek.
You are strong.
Now listen, truly listen to this next message I have to bring.
You are worth everything.
I'll say it again. Ya know what, no, maybe I'll just sing.
You are worth everything.
That means that you deserve, no, you have the right
to invite all of God's light into your life and if any man should fight that
or use his words like a knife well that plight is more sinful
than the darkest of night.
No, our words as men should ignite your hearts, make them bright,
cause your souls to take flight, bring you to heights above the frightened mights
of this world that bite you and cause you strife.
What a sight that would be, right?
Even as a joke those words can poke holes in your soul
and invoke those feelings of being less than whole.
So don't tolerate it, it's already too late.
Stop waiting and start creating a standard for yourself
Write this down, hang it on a lanyard around yourself
Instead of leaving it dusty on the shelf it has been on for so long.
You are worthy to be served.
So don't you swerve from that service which you deserve.
Hide your pride and decided against the idea that you can
provide solely for yourself and don't need anyone else to confide in.
Whoever told ya that one, lied.
You are worthy to be served.
If you do not find a man who uses his own hands to bring about
a greater plan for your life, well, ya might as well be sifting sand.
We as men have learned that in order to earn your love we must
yearn for our Jesus and discern how we can bring about your glory.
We don't need a ring to share in your story.
We are your brothers.
And we love you. Dearly.
We hope you never weary of our servitude
and we pray you never stop calling us to be greater men.
With the end of this message I wish to send I beg that you
never pretend to be anyone other than who you were mean to be.

Bron: https://zachcobos.theworldrace.org/?filename=a-mans-promise-with-video

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